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Subject: Agricultural Economics
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Agricultural Economics
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This journal publishes articles covering the range of work done on
agricultural economics, divided into three categories. (1) Disciplinary
work: improvement of theories, techniques and descriptive knowledge of
economics and its contributing disciplines such as statistics, mathematics
and philosophy. (2) Multi-disciplinary subject matter areas: energy,
technical change, institutional change, natural resources, farm management,
rural communities, marketing, human development and the environment - areas
which are important to fairly well-defined groups of public and private
decision-makers facing well-defined sets of problems. (3) Problem solving:
the definition, solution and management of specific practical problems. Work
in each of these three categories may deal with teaching, extension and
out-reach, consulting, advising, entrepreneurship and administration, as
well as research. All of these may require knowledge of values, non-monetary
as well as monetary. The Editor and Editorial Board, under the general
direction of the IAAE's President, Executive Committee and Council, are
charged with implementing Journal policy to serve members of the IAAE around
the world.

Abstracts are available in HTML format without a subscription. Full-text are
available for subscribers only.

Editor: S von Cramon-Taubadel

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