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Agricultural Systems

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Agricultural Systems is an international journal that presents the results
of studies concerning the whole or parts of the food chain from production
to consumption. It seeks to provide a forum in which a wide range of
specialists can contribute to the debate about the efficient use of
resources to feed the world. In particular, its aim is to encourage
integration of understanding among those disciplines that underpin
agriculture. The journal anticipates contributions from agronomists,
biologists, veterinarians, economists, engineers, social scientists,
anthropologists, computer scientists and those concerned with technology

Much of the work presented will be of a quantitative or holistic nature
where contributors will attempt to express understanding of the sub-systems
of agriculture in model form : from biological, physical and chemical
components through production systems to marketing and the distribution of
agricultural output. Opportunity to present other forms of work is
encouraged, for example, methodological approaches to systems analysis in
agriculture, including the development and application of simulation,
optimisation and expert systems. Concepts that might include specific
experimentation or results from surveys, reviews or reports on experiments
designed to validate models are accepted only by invitation.

Subscribers have access to full-text articles. Abstracts are available in
HTML format without a subscription.

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