Agriculture and Human Values


Agriculture and Human Values

Publisher: Kluwer

Agriculture and Human Values is the official journal of the Agriculture,
Food, and Human Values Society.

Since World War II, agricultural production systems and food consumption
patterns have undergone astonishing changes. Agricultural research has
expanded the productive capacity of the world's farms tremendously, but this
expansion has raised questions about the sustainability of modern practices,
about the criteria for judging risks and benefits of chemical and biological
technologies, about the poor's entitlement to food production and safety in
developing countries, and about who will farm in the future and how.

The Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society is an organization of
professionals dedicated to an open and free discussion of these and other
related issues, and to an understanding of the values that underlie
alternative visions of the food and agricultural systems.

The journal seeks to create educational and scholarly junctures among the
humanities, the social sciences, food and nutrition studies, and the
agricultural disciplines, and to promote an ethical, social, and biological
understanding of agriculture. Contributions on a broad range of topics
relating to the main theme are welcome. They should be addressed to a
general academic readership while maintaining high standards of scholarship.

The journal publishes essays on normative issues in assessing conventional
and alternative food production, marketing, distribution, and consumption
systems, on the sociology of knowledge in the areas of agriculture,
nutrition, and food systems, on the application of science and technology
studies to agriculture and food systems, on the philosophy of the applied
agricultural sciences, on critical theory applied to agriculturally related
topics, on social, economic, and agricultural development theory, and on
other value issues related to production and consumption systems, including
topics on environmental values and on animal welfare. It also publishes book
reviews and reports.

>From time to time, the editors will invite guest editors to plan issues on
special themes.

Submissions are double-blind reviewed from at least two disciplinary
perspectives, and, where relevant, the editors seek review comments from
philosophers and social scientists, as well as from the disciplines
represented by the authors.

ISSN 0889-048X

Prof. Richard P. Haynes
Department of Philosophy
University of Florida
P.O. Box 118545
Gainesville, FL 32611-8545

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Current Issue: Summer - Fall 2004, Volume 21, Issue 2-3

Date: 22 July 2004

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Thursday, July 22, 2004
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