Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment


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Subject: Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 10:26:51 -0400

Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment
(Link inactive 31 August 2004)
(Link active 31 August 2004)

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment deals with the
interface between agriculture and the environment.
Preference is given to papers that develop and apply
interdisciplinarity, bridge scientific disciplines,
integrate scientific analyses derived from different
perspectives of agroecosystem sustainability, and are
put in as wide an international or comparative context
as possible. It is addressed to scientists in
agriculture, food production, agroforestry, ecology,
environment, earth and resource management, and
administrators and policy-makers in these fields.

The journal regularly covers topics such as: ecology of
agricultural production methods; influence of
agricultural production methods on the environment,
including soil, water and air quality, and use of energy
and non-renewable resources; agroecosystem management,
functioning, health, and complexity, including agro-
biodiversity and response of multi-species ecosystems to
environmental stress; the effect of pollutants on
agriculture; agro-landscape values and changes,
landscape indicators and sustainable land use; farming
system changes and dynamics; integrated pest management
and crop protection; and problems of agroecosystems from
a biological, physical, economic, and socio-cultural

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Editors: J.W. Sturrock and M.R. Carter

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