Publisher: American Association for the Advancement of Science

Welcome to AIDScience. The American Association for the Advancement of
Science <> (AAAS), publisher of /Science/
<> magazine, has launched this Web site to
provide researchers with a premier, centralized and global online source
of information on all aspects of AIDS prevention and vaccine development.

This new AAAS venture, supported by an $850,000 grant from the National
Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), has expanded from a small NeuroAIDS
</neuroaids/> Web site, which is devoted to the neurological impacts of
AIDS. Our new site will provide a global online forum where scientists
can gather and exchange the latest information on AIDS/HIV prevention
and vaccine research. The site will publish peer-reviewed articles and
reviews, as well as other reports, commentaries, columns, daily features
and information resources (see Information for Authors

The ultimate conquest of HIV may depend on multi-focused strategies,
emphasizing prevention and the ongoing search for a cure. Contributing
to a reduction in the incidence of AIDS worldwide will be the goal of
the new Web site. The Web site will provide scientists on the front
lines with the most current and rigorous data available on HIV
prevention strategies and vaccine research.

This AIDS prevention Web site is the latest online information service
from the AAAS, the world's largest general science organization.
Previous successful online ventures of the AAAS have included Science
Online <>; Science's NextWave
<>, serving younger researchers; Science's
STKE <>, an experimental "signal transduction
knowledge environment" for researchers involved in cell signaling; and
EurekAlert! <>, which brings research news to
some 4,300 journalists worldwide. Access is free.

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Date: 19 Dec 2003

Original posting date: 
Friday, December 19, 2003
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