Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health


Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

Air Quality, Atmosphere, and Health is a multidisciplinary journal that
focuses on atmospheric consequences of human activities and their
implications for human and ecological health. The journal publishes original
research articles and integrative reviews relevant to this theme.

Among the topics addressed are acid precipitation; aerosol and particulate
matter; air quality monitoring; air quality management; atmospheric
chemistry; atmospheric modeling and prediction; air pollution climatology;
air pollution measurement; atmospheric environment; atmospheric impact
assessment; atmospheric science; clean air technology; climate change and
air quality; environmental sciences; exposure assessment; forest-fire
emissions; greenhouse gases; health effects; indoor air quality;
regional/global change; risk assessment and satellite measurements.

ISSN: 1873-9318 (print version)
ISSN: 1873-9326 (electronic version)

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Yong S. Chung
Professor and Director
Korean Center for Atmospheric Environment Research
304 Koonghyon, Khangnae, Chongju-Chongwon
Choongbook 363-891, Korea


Jonathan M. Samet
Professor and Chairman, Department of Epidemiology at Bloomberg
Johns Hopkins University
Bloomberg School of Public Health
615 N. Wolfe St., Suite W6041
Baltimore, MD 21205, USA


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Current Issue: Volume 1 Number 1 / June 2008

Date: 10 July 2008

Original posting date: 
Thursday, July 10, 2008
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