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The Air & Space Power Journal, published quarterly, is the
professional flagship publication of the United States Air Force. It is
designed to serve as an open forum for the presentation and stimulation
of innovative thinking on military doctrine, strategy, tactics, force
structure, readiness, and other matters of national defense. The views
and opinions expressed or implied in the Journal are those of the
authors and should not be construed as carrying the official sanction of
the Department of Defense, the Air Force, Air Education and Training
Command, Air University, or other agencies or departments of the US

Air & Space Power Journal (ASPJ) is the United States Air Force's
primary forum for professional discourse on air and space power
worldwide. It is intended to help promote professional dialogue among
Air Force members for them to progress intellectually, pursue
professional development, communicate professional standards, and
stimulate new ideas. The editors are charged with shaping that
professional dialogue. While not all inclusive, the following guidelines
list some requirements that enable us to process submissions more
quickly and provide authors an idea of how we carry out our charter.

The great majority of our readers have between six and seventeen years
of Air Force service. These young professionals have begun to develop
their military thinking beyond the scope of tactics and their specific
weapons systems or specialties. Therefore, the ASPJ editorial
focus extends from the operational level of war to include issues
related to strategy and policy. Today's professional dialogue must
embrace multi-level thinking, and our articles should support that course.

Articles that simply entertain or inform are less desirable than those
telling the story behind the story. We want ideas and discussion rather
than yarns, important issues that generate more thinking rather than
dead-end pieces too centered on specifics. Well-researched or well
thought out, documented, balanced, and decisive articles that relate to
air and space power, identify important issues, and recommend solutions
will be published ahead of others. Many of our articles deal with
events of historical significance, but our emphasis is to answer the
question "why?" in history and to examine history for what it has to say
about the future of warfare.

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