akf nyt (akf news)


akf nyt (akf news)

(Link inactive 27 June 2006)

(Link active 27 June 2006)

Publisher: akf

akf is an independent research institute established in 1975 by »The Local
Government Foundation for Education and Research« (»Det Kommunale

The goal of akf is to supply empirical research into issues of interest to
the public sector and its users; in particular, issues that are relevant for
Danish counties and municipalities. The goal includes disseminating the
results of the research of akf and others into these issues.

akf works solely with social science research.

The vision of akf is to perform its research at a level of scientific
integrity equal to the best research units in Denmark and to deliver visible
contributions to the foundations of debate and policymaking on important
issues of the Danish society.

akf's strategy for dissemination is that research results as far as possible
should be published in scientific publications as well as disseminated to
policymakers, specialists and the public at large.

akf nyt (akf news) is published four times a year and contains articles
about akf's research results, akf's research projects, and debated issues.
akf nyt has approximately 3500 subscribers.

ISSN 0105-1474

akf forlaget
akf nyt
Nyropsgade 37
1602 Kbh. V

Email: akf@akf.dk

Content in Danish.

Issues freely accessible in PDF format.

Current Issue: 1:2005

Date: 3 June 2005

Original posting date: 
Friday, June 3, 2005
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