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(Link inactive 13 October 2004)
(Link active 13 October 2004)

Alcohol will publish original reports in English of new and systematic
studies in the various fields of alcohol research. All aspects of alcohol's
biological action will be covered, including anatomy, biochemistry, cell
biology, physiology, pharmacology, toxicology, behavior, social
anthropology, and clinical problems. Of immense value to both practitioners
and basic scientists, Alcohol is the major international journal devoted
solely to biomedical research on alcohol and alcoholism.

Appearing nine times per year, the journal is dedicated to excellence and
in-depth reporting of the burgeoning literature on alcoholism as a disease
state. Topics include, but are not limited to, biomedical factors in the
etiology of alcoholism; biomedical factors in the pathologic effects of
uncontrolled drinking; biological and biochemical markers in the
identification of alcoholism; new drugs and chemotherapeutic strategies in
the treatment of uncontrolled drinking; alcohol withdrawal; and
psychological and biological problems associated with fetal alcohol

Alcohol features original research articles, review articles, theoretical
articles, brief communications, and rapid communications. Brief
communications should describe a new method, technique, or apparatus or
present the results of experiments that can be reported briefly with a
minimal number of figures and tables. Rapid communications should be
original and of high quality and should not exceed four printed pages in
length. A limited number of pertinent literature reviews and theoretical
articles, results of symposia, abstracts and/or proceedings of meetings, and
more comprehensive studies may also be published as special issues of or
supplements to the journal.

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