Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly


Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly

Publisher: Haworth Press

Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly is an exciting professional journal for
clinicians working with persons who are alcoholic and their families.
Designed to bridge the gap between research journals and information for the
general public, it addresses the specific concerns of professional
alcoholism counselors, social workers, psychologists, physicians, clergy,
nurses, employee assistance professionals, and others who provide direct
services to persons who are alcoholic.

The journal features articles specifically related to the treatment of
alcoholism, highlighting new and innovative approaches to care, describing
clinical problems and solutions, and detailing practical, unique approaches
to intervention and therapy. Original research and articles about theory
development and policy issues in alcoholism are included. Alcoholism
Treatment Quarterly particularly welcomes material giving the personal and
humanistic aspects of professional alcoholism counseling and therapy from
both the counselor/therapist's view as well as that of the client.

The journal:

* details the ³how to² approaches of intervention and therapy
* presents case studies and commentaries by counselors and therapists
* publishes original research and articles related to theory development
* serves as a vehicle to integrate diverse approaches and perspectives
in the field
* emphasizes the art as well as the science inherent in the treatment of
* advocates the recognition of special treatment needs of alcoholic
clients and their families
* enhances professionalism in the field of counseling and therapy
* promotes the quality of treatment provided to the alcoholic and
his/her family in all domains of the recovery process.
Special thematic issues of this journal examine such topics as:
* alcohol problems in the United States
* treating alcohol and drug addictions
* self-recovery‹treating addictions using transcendental meditation and
Maharishi Ayur-Veda
* treatment of the chemically dependent homeless
* treating alcoholism and drug abuse among homeless men and women
* co-dependency.

ISSN: 0734-7324


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Current Issue: Volume 22 Issue 2 2004

Date: 2 Nov. 2004

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Tuesday, November 2, 2004
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