Algorithms for Molecular Biology


Algorithms for Molecular Biology

Publisher: BioMed Central

Algorithms for Molecular Biology is an open access, peer-reviewed online
journal that encompasses all aspects of algorithms and software tools for
molecular biology and genomics.

Areas of interest include but are not limited to: algorithms for RNA and
protein structure analysis, gene prediction and genome analysis, comparative
sequence analysis and alignment, phylogeny, gene expression, machine
learning, and combinatorial algorithms.

Where appropriate, manuscripts should describe applications to real-world
data. However, pure algorithm papers are also welcome if future applications
to biological data are to be expected, or if they address complexity or
approximation issues of novel computational problems in molecular biology.
Articles about novel software tools will be considered for publication if
they contain some algorithmically interesting aspects.

Algorithms for Molecular Biology considers the following types of articles:

* Research: reports of data from original research.
* Book reports: short summaries of the strengths and weaknesses of a book.
They should evaluate its overall usefulness to the intended audience and are
usually about 400 words.
* Commentaries: short, focused and opinionated articles on any subject
within the journal's scope. These articles are usually related to a
contemporary issue, such as recent research findings.
* Debate articles: present an argument that is not essentially based on
practical research. Debate articles can report on all aspects of the subject
including sociological and ethical aspects.
* Meeting report: a short description of a conference that the author has
attended. It is usually best for the article to be published as soon after
the meeting as possible, and should focus on the key developments presented
and discussed at the meeting.
* Short reports: brief reports of data from original research, usually about
1500 words.
* Software articles: describe the source code for software applications,
tools or algorithm implementations. Typically, an archive of the source code
of the current version of the software should be included with the submitted
manuscript as a supplementary file.

ISSN: 1748-7188

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to Algorithms for Molecular
Biology using the online submission system.


Professor Burkhard Morgenster
Chair of Bioinformatics
University of Gottingen

Professor Peter Stadler
Chair of Bioinformatics
University of Leipzig

Abstracts available online. Articles available in PDF format.

Current Issue: Volume 1:7 (26 April 2006)

Date: 8 May 2006

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Monday, May 8, 2006
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