Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation


Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation

Publisher: CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution

Founded in 1979 as the Center for Public Resources, CPR's mission is to
spearhead innovation and promote excellence in public and private dispute
resolution, and to serve as a primary multinational resource for avoidance,
management and resolution of business-related and other disputes. To
fulfill its mission, CPR is engaged in an integrated agenda of research and
development, education, advocacy and dispute resolution. It is the leading
proponent of ADR that is managed by the parties and a highly qualified
neutral, or self-administered ADR.

Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation is the national newsletter
covering cutting-edge alternative dispute resolution (ADR) developments,
best practices, and trends in business. Alternatives provides authoritative
guidance for using ADR at companies, firms, and the courts. Articles focus
exclusively on business disputes -- and examine all the ADR strategies
business use, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and more.

Published 11 times a year, Alternatives is the official publication of the
International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution. It keeps
readers up to date with the constantly evolving laws, regulations, and court
decisions that shape the ADR landscape. Unlike many other legal newsletters,
it brings together practitioners on the cutting edge of ADR to offer
practical advice on topics such as successful mediation techniques, advances
in arbitration, drafting ADR clauses, and more.

Online ISSN: 1549-4381
Print ISSN: 1549-4373

CPR, The International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution
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New York, New York 10022

Phone: +1.212.949.6490
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Current Issue: Volume 23, Issue 11 (December 2005)

Date: 28 November 2005

Original posting date: 
Monday, November 28, 2005
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