American Journal of Medicine (AJMSelect)


American Journal of Medicine (AJMSelect)
(Link inactive 13 October 2004)

AJMSelect is a FREE online service that provides users with a selection of
editorial material from The American Journal of Medicine--The Green
Journal, the Official Journal of the Association of Professors of
Medicine. Beginning with the January 1998 issue and updated monthly
thereafter, AJMSelect gives users 1 full text article with graphics
selected from each monthly issue by Lee Goldman MD, Editor-in-Chief, and
Warren S. Browner M. D, Executive Editor. The site also contains the
journal's complete Tables of Contents with precis, and the full Abstracts
of all articles in the journal. In addition, the site posts both the "Case
of the Month" in which users are challenged to provide a diagnosis, and
the "Journal Club", in which the Editors present expert monthly discussion
of an article from the print version. AJMSelect will periodically post
the full text of either a private foundation or government agency
sponsored Supplement of the journal featuring important topics of medical
relevance to users of this site.


The American Journal of Medicine -The Green Journal- is an independent,
paid medical journal editorially designed to serve the needs of the
serious internist. The Editorial content of The Green Journal consists
primarily of peer-reviewed, original scientific studies which have direct
clinical significance for physicians whether in academia or
community-based practice, in inpatient or outpatient settings.

Under the direction of the new Editor-in-Chief, Lee Goldman MD, and his
Executive Editor, Warren S. Browner MD, The Green Journal invites
submissions that focus on the following types of manuacripts: cohort
studies and clinical trials performed by multi-center groups in the
various specialties of medicine; phase I, phase II, and phase III studies
performed by cooperative groups including general clinical research
centers; studies of patients with common presentations, especially those
that delineate the natural history of important conditions; careful
physiological or pharmacological studies that explain the body's response
to disease; analytical reviews such as meta-analyses and decision
analyses that use a formal structure to summarize an important foeld. The
Journal also introduces a regular new section, titled, "Physiology in
Medicine" (in collaboration with The American Physiological Association),
and a monthly clinical "Case" in which readers are challenged to e-mail or
fax their diagnoses to the Editorial Office.

The Green Journal also has a newly designed interactive Web site,
AJMSelect, Selections from The American Journal of Medicine, which
contains complete tables of contents, abstracts, selected articles, the
"Case of the Month", and the "Journal Club", in which the Editors present
a monthly expert discussion of an article from the print version for
program directors, chief residents, and journal club leaders. Authors can
also e-mail their manuscripts submissions from this site. The American
Journal of Medicine -The Green Journal - is the Official Journal of the
Association of Professors of Medicine, a prestigious organization composed
of the chairs of medicine at all medical schools in the United States and


Specialists in Internal Medicine: Cardiovascular Disease, Clinical
Pharmocology, Diabetes, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics,
Hematology, Immunology, Infectious Disease, Nephrology, Oncology,
Pulmonary and Critical Care Rheumatology; Doctors of Family and General
Medicine; Clinical Researchers.

Abstracting/Indexing: Index Medicus/Medline


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Thursday, May 28, 1998
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