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Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 20:23:32 -0500 (EST)

American Journal of Roentgenology

The American Roentgen Ray Society is pleased to announce that the full
text of the journal "American Journal of Roentgenology, AJR" is now
available online.

Many readers in Europe and Asia may find faster access at the URL:

Initially called The American X-Ray Journal, the first radiological
journal in America was published in 1897, and soon became known as The
American Journal of Roentgenology, AJR. The monthly AJR, with a worldwide
circulation of more than 25,000, is a highly respected peer-reviewed
journal publishing original contributions to the advancement of medical
diagnosis and treatment.

AJR Online contains the full content of each issue of the journal,
including all figures and tables. In addition, the full text is
searchable by keyword, and the cited references include hyperlinks to
Medline and to the online full text of many other frequently-cited

Online full-text content begins with the January 2000 issue (Vol. 174,
Issue 1), and will expand with each new issue. Online abstract files begin
with the January 1990 (Vol. 154, Issue 1). The February 2000 issue is now

Each issue will be placed online approximately on the date it is mailed to
subscribers; therefore the online site will be available days or weeks
prior to receipt of paper copy. Online readers may want to sign up for the
"eTOCS" service, which will deliver each issue's new table of contents via
email. In addition, the table of contents of the upcoming issues will in
the future regularly be placed online as the future table of contents.

The Web site also provides access to information about the journal (such
as Instructions to Authors, the Editorial Board, and subscription
information and subscription ordering), as well as access to other

During the year 2000, all users of the internet will have free access to
the full content of the journal online.

We encourage you, on your first visit to the site, to sign the guestbook.
This will take only a minute or two and will provide helpful information
about the online readership. In addition, we would appreciate comments,
critiques, questions, or suggestions from you; these can be sent via the
Feedback button found on all pages of the site. Feedback from readers will
help us decide what new features would be most valuable for the site and
how well it is working for its readers.

The site is being produced in conjunction with Stanford University's
HighWire Press, which also works with other research and medical journals,
such as these frequently-cited journals: Radiology, Radiographics, Chest,
Gastroenterology and Stroke.

A list of research and medical journals available online and their URLs is
available at:

(Please forward this information to your colleagues who may be interested
in AJR.)

John Sack, Director,
HighWire Press, Stanford University

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Sunday, March 19, 2000
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