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Subject: American Law and Economics Review
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 23:39:19 -0400 (EDT)

American Law and Economics Review

Oxford University Press is pleased to announce that the full text of
American Law and Economics Review is available online.

ISSN 1465-7260

The rise of the field of law and economics has been extremely rapid over
the last twenty-five years. Among important developments of the 1990s has
been the founding of the American Law and Economics Association. The
creation and rapid expansion of the ALEA and the creation of parallel
associations in Europe, Latin America, and Canada attest to the growing
acceptance of the economic perspective on law by judges, practitioners,
and policy-makers.

In Fall 1999 (as Volume 1, Numbers 1 & 2), the American Law and Economics
Association and Oxford University Press presented the inaugural issue of
the American Law and Economics Review, a semiannual journal edited by
Professor Orley Ashenfelter and Judge Richard A. Posner.

The Review is a refereed journal that will maintain the highest scholarly
standards, but at the same time it will endeavor to publish international
work that is accessible to the full range of membership in the ALEA, which
includes practicing lawyers, consulting economics and academic lawyers,
and academic economists from around the world. The Review will differ from
other journals in the field in that it will feature book reviews and
review essays, and it will differ from other scholarly economic journals
in particular in that the Editors will endeavor to make the material more
easily accessible to nonacademics.

American Law and Economics Review Online contains the full content of each
issue of the journal in PDF format beginning with the January 1999 issue
(Volume 1, Issue 1). Online ISSN: 1467-2227

Each issue will be placed online approximately on the date it is mailed to
subscribers; therefore the online site will be available prior to receipt
of your paper copy. The January 2001 issue (Volume 3, Issue 1) is the
latest issue online. Online readers may want to sign up for the eTOC
(electronic Table of Contents) service, which will deliver each new
issue's table of contents via email. The web site also provides access to
information about the journal (such as Instructions to Authors, the
Editorial Board, and subscription information).

Access to the full text of articles will be available by institutional
license, which comes with all institutional subscriptions, or by
individual subscription available to print subscribers. All other access
(e.g., to Abstracts, eTOCs, searching, Instructions to Authors) will
remain freely available.

We would appreciate comments, critiques, questions, or suggestions from
you; these can be sent via the Feedback link found on all pages of the
site. Feedback from readers will help us decide what new features would
be most valuable for the site and how well it is working for its readers.

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(Please forward this information to your colleagues who may be interested
in the American Law and Economics Review.)


John Sack, Director,
HighWire Press, Stanford University

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Thursday, July 26, 2001
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