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Subject: Proceedings of the AMS
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 13:19:02

American Mathematical Society; Proceedings of the AMS

ISSN 1088-6826

Journal overview: This journal is devoted to shorter
research articles (not to exceed 10 printed pages) in all
areas of pure and applied mathematics. To be published in
the Proceedings, a paper must be correct, new, and
significant. Further, it must be well written and of
interest to a substantial number of mathematicians.
Piecemeal results, such as an inconclusive step toward an
unproved major theorem or a minor variation on a known
result,are in general not acceptable for publication. Very
short notes not to exceed 2 printed pages are also
accepted and appear under the heading Shorter Notes. Items
deemed suitable include an elegant new proof of an important
and well-known theorem, an illuminating example or
counterexample, or a new viewpoint on familiar results. New
results, if of a brief and striking character, might also be
acceptable, though in general a paper which is merely very
short will not be suitable for the Shorter Notes department.
Longer papers may be submitted to the Transactions of the
American Mathematical Society. Published pages are the same
size as those generated in the style files provided for


Clifford J. Earle, Jr.

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