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The American Naturalist

ISSN 0003-0147

Since its inception in 1867, The American Naturalist (AN) has been ranked
among the top core journals in ecology, evolutionary biology, and
integrative biology. AN also stands out for the sweep of its intellectual
reach, emphasizing broad synthetic viewpoints, new theoretical treatments,
and novel empirical tests of new ideas.

The journal's coverage include papers that evaluate how complex life
cycles might evolve, re-visit whether compartmentalized food webs are more
stable, question the role of wholesale gene duplications in vertebrate
evolution, and offer new ideas about caste ergonomics in social insects.

Published monthly, the journal is sponsored by the American Society of
Naturalists (ASN)-–individual subscribers, including students, are
automatically enrolled as members of the ASN. AN also publishes special
supplements, including the Vice-Presidential Symposium.

AN is available online at the above URL address. Readers may browse
articles from the current issue, or tailor a full-text search of all
articles in the online edition. Articles may be viewed on screen or

Articles are available in four formats-–abstract only in HTML, full text
in HTML, PDF page image files, and PostScript page image files. All HTML
files have been designed for a frames-capable browser and use tables,
superscripts and subscripts, and inline GIFs. Each article is also
available in Adobe PDF and PostScript formats. These are images of the
pages exactly as they appear in the printed edition of the AN.

Full-text access to the electronic version of the journal is included with
a paid subscription to the paper edition at no additional charge.

Institutional access is controlled via IP addresses, not passwords. If
your library subscribes, your institution's site license covers access for
faculty, researchers, and students who use the campus network. Individual
subscribers to AN receive a password that permits them to have online
access to the electronic edition, even when they are away from their home

Publisher: The University of Chicago Press, Journals
Division, P.O. Box 37005, Chicago, IL 60637.

Editor: Joseph Travis, Florida State University

Subscription information:

Managing editor: Carolyn Chapman

Recent articles include:

Increasing Genomic Complexity by Gene Duplication and the
Origin of Vertebrates.
Andrew P. Martin
pp. 111-128
Abstract Full Text PDF (207kb) PostScript

Multiannual Vole Cycles and Population Regulation during
Long Winters: An Analysis of Seasonal Density Dependence.
Thomas F. Hansen, Nils C. Stenseth, and Heikki Henttonen
pp. 129-139
Abstract Full Text PDF (138kb) PostScript

The Evolutionary Advantages of Dying Young: Epidemiological
Implications of Longevity in Metapopulations.
J. W. Kirchner and B. A. Roy
Abstract Full Text PDF (457kb) PostScript

A Comparison of the Taxonomic Richness of Vascular Plants in
China and the United States.
Hong Qian and Robert E. Ricklefs
Abstract Full Text PDF (316kb) PostScript

Evolution of Avian Plumage Dichromatism from a Proximate
Rebecca T. Kimball and J. David Ligon
Abstract Full Text PDF (150kb) PostScript

Extrinsic Modification of Vertebrate Sex Ratios by Climatic
Eric Post, Mads C. Forchhammer, Nils C. Stenseth, and Rolf
Abstract Full Text PDF (163kb) PostScript

Investment Strategies of Breeders in Avian Cooperative
Breeding Systems.
B. J. Hatchwell
pp. 205-219
Abstract Full Text PDF (177kb) PostScript


Managin Editor: Carolyn Chapman

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