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Item: American Political News Review
Contents: This new weekly review of US political affairs brings several
previously unavailable text sources to the net. This site
provides access to the competition for Congressional Quarterly.
The views tend to be more middle of the road. I have attached
a list of current items with some summary text. Full text
is provided at the site.
The site also provides several other useful features.

" At PoliticsUSA, we cover our beat using the resources of two of the
nation's leading publishers of news and information on politics and
government. Daily news summaries are drawn from [1]American Political
Network publications (The Hotline daily political briefing, and the
issue-based daily briefings Greenwire, American Health Line and
Abortion Report) and [2]National Journal publications (CongressDaily
and CongressDaily/A.M.) The Weekend Edition features selections from
the weekly magazine National Journal. We expect to add other news
sources in the months ahead.

THURSDAY, SEPT. 14, 1995

[3]Wilson Moves Staff, Hopes To Move Donors
When Calif. Governor Pete Wilson shifted around some of his top
campaign personnel, rumors swirled that he was trying to put a
Band-Aid on an internal power stuggle. The move and subsequent
reaction came after Wilson had already announced earlier this week
that he will not campaign in Iowa but focus more on New England and
the New Hampshire primary, sparking rumors that his campaign is out
of money and out of steam.

[4]Maine Governor Joins Fight Against Anti-Gay Referendum
Gov. Angus King, Ind., pledged his support to gay-rights groups this
week against a state referendum to exclude gays from legal
protection against discrimination. The initiative, advanced by a
group called Concerned Maine Families, seeks to prohibit
discrimination based only on race, color, sex, physical and mental
disability, religion, age ancestry, national origin, familial and
marital status. The measure reportedly was written by a Virginia
attorney who was also active in the anti-gay campaigns in Oregon and

[5]Politics Fog Climate Change Talks, Senator Says
The Clinton administration's role in establishing international
climate change guidelines is grist for the political mill, Sen.
Frank Murkowski, R.-Alaska, said Wednesday. Discussing the role of
economics in global warming politics, the Energy and Natural
Resources Chairman said the White House may use the issue as
leverage in a strategically-timed fight with Congress. The
administration may see this international route as a way to
implement its unsuccessful bid for an energy tax, Murkowski said,
and is basing its decisions on reducing greenhouse gas emissions on
emotion rather than science.

[6]Packwood Diaries Spark Renewed Calls For Reform
Sen. Bob Packwood wrote in his diaries that he and Sen. Phil Gramm
once discussed illegally spending GOP "soft" money to help his
reelection. Gramm has denied that he ever talked about it, and
Packwood says he must have been mistaken, but the anecdote has
sparked interest in finance reform anyway. As the ethics committee
begins to look into the Packwood revelation, the administration is
getting pressure from inside and outside the government to renew a
push for an overhaul of campaign finance law.


[7]Hear That Train A-Comin'
[8]Strategist Murphy Says Alexander Is On Track
[9]Congressional Roundup


[10]Wilson and Iowa: Pull Out or Spin Out?
[11]GOP Plan Would Hike Medicare Premiums By $30 Per Month
[12]Proposed Farm Spending Cuts Would Slash Income, Study Says
[13]Gingrich Claims Double Standard in Packwood, Chappaquiddick


[14]Bumpy Road Continues For Dole And Gramm
[15]PACs Take A Shine To Republican Majority
[16]Coalition Gathering Demonstrates that Right Makes Might
[17]House Races Heat Up as Members Leave, New Candidates Announce


[18]A New Twist For New Federalism
[19]For Democrats, It's Lonely At The Bottom
[20]A Little Prayer For The Constitution?
[21]Clinton's Fight For The Corps


[22]After Packwood's Resignation, End Game Begins
[23]Full Text of Sen. Packwood's Resignation Speech
[24]New Endangered Species Act Scales Back Federal Regulation
[25]Voice of America


[26]Beating A Trail To The Oregon Senate Seat
[27]New Hampshire Newspaper Embraces Buchanan
[28]House Subcommittee OKs Speed Limit Repeal
[29]Christian Coalition Looks To Unity, Faces Discord


[30]The Opening Pell
[31]GOP Vows Congress Will Complete Agenda
[32]Dole Criticized By Gay GOP Congressman
[33]Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

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