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Subject: American Spectator
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 20:11:01 -0400 (EDT)

The American Spectator

The American Spectator is a partial electronic edition of the print
magazine of the same title. Specializing in political expose's, The
American Spectator, a monthly conservative review, aims to fight "the
politicization of what should remain un-political... and the last threat
of totalitarianism in this century."

"Our organization was begun more than 30 years ago when a magazine called
The Alternative was founded at Indiana University by a graduate student,
R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., and his friends. Its mission was to challenge the
political left in those tumultuous times and provide a forum for the
defense of free enterprise and democratic values. In the early 1970's the
decision was made to distribute the magazine nationally (or at least
beyond the city limits of Bloomington, Indiana). And by 1977, when it was
renamed The American Spectator, the magazine had attracted more than
20,000 paying subscribers. In 1985 the company moved from Bloomington to
the suburbs of Washington, D.C. The magazine underwent a redesign in 1992
and then again in 1996, the same year our web publication was christened.
Over the decades we have published many of the finest writers of our
times--among them Tom Wolfe, Malcolm Muggeridge, William F. Buckley, Jr.,
George F. Will, and Irving Kristol. And we have provided a point of entry
into journalism for folks barely out of college, many of whom now work for
major publications."


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Tuesday, November 2, 1999
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