American Theological Inquiry (ATI)


American Theological Inquiry (ATI)

Publisher: American Theological Inquiry

American Theological Inquiry (ATI) is intended to provide an inter-tradition
forum for scholars who affirm the historic Ecumenical Creeds of Christendom
to constructively communicate contemporary theologies, developments, ideas,
commentaries, and insights pertaining to theology, culture, and history
toward reforming and elevating Western Christianity.

American Theological Inquiry (ATI) seeks a critical function as much or more
so as a quasi-ecumenical one. The purpose is not to erase or weaken the
distinctives of the various ecclesial traditions, but to widen the dialogue
and increase inter-tradition understanding while mutually affirming Christ¹s
power to transform culture and the importance of strengthening Western
Christianity with special reference to Her historic roots.

ATI is open to diverse submissions concerning theology, culture, and history
from the perspective of historic, creedal Christianity. Particular topics of
interest, however, generally include:

* Biblical, philosophical, historical, and systematic theology.
* Engagement with the Patristical literature.
* Theological, cultural, philosophical, ecclesial trends in the Western
* Perspectives on history/historical events from an orthodox viewpoint.
* Cultural/philosophical apologetics.

ISSN: 1942-2709
EISSN: 1941-7624

General Editor:

Gannon Murphy, PhD
American Theological Inquiry
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Minneapolis, Minnesota 55410

Email: gmurphy [at] atijournal [dot] org

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Current Issue: Volume 2, No. 1; January 15, 2009

Date: 15 January 2009

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Thursday, January 15, 2009
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