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The aim of our journal is the realization of the possibility of research into the history of the analytic philosophy as well as into its main problems.

The Analytic Philosophy (AP) is one of the most influential trends of the modern Western philosophy which has at the centre of its attention the analysis of language understood as a key to the philosophical investigation of reasoning and knowledge. According to Michael Dummett, the general principles of philosophizing for analytical philosophers (the logical positivists, Wittgenstein in all phases of his career, Oxford ‘ordinary language’ philosophy, post-Carnapian philosophy in the United States, etc.) are the following[1]:

(i) a philosophical account of thought can be attained through a philosophical account of language;

(ii) a comprehensive account can only be so attained.

Journal's tasks:

1) To acquaint Russian specialists and all interested in the Western philosophy with the analytic tradition, which presupposes publication of translations, reviews, critical and historical essays.

2) To give to Russian and foreign authors an opportunity to publish papers discussing current and classical problems of Analytic Philosophy.

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Maxim Lebedev, D. S.
Moscow, Russia

Email: editors {at} analytica-journal {dot} org

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Current Issue: No. 4 2010

Date: 15 November 2011

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011
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