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Analytica Chimica Acta
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An International Journal Devoted to All Branches of Analytical Chemistry


Analytica Chimica Acta publishes the highest quality refereed research
papers, rapid publication Letters and Reviews covering all aspects of
analytical science, and particularly those areas at the forefront of
analytical development. The editors of Analytica Chimica Acta strive to
ensure that papers published are of the highest quality, and they are
supported in this endeavour by an international board of advisers, all
acknowledged authorities in their respective fields, whose contributions
help to set the high standard of the journal. Full Author, Subject and
Technique Indexes are provided every 25 volumes. Rapid publication and
high refereeing standards are a special feature of the journal.

Full texts are incorporated in CJELSEVIER, a file in the Chemical
Journals Online Database available on STN International..

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Chemists (all disciplines) in academic institutions, industry, independent
laboratories and consulting firms.

Recent Contents:

Analytica Chimica Acta, Vol: 343, Issue:
1-2, May 12, 1997

1.2-(Trifluoromethyl)acrylic acid: a novel
functional monomer in non-covalent
molecular imprinting
Matsui, J.; Doblhoff-Dier, O.; Takeuchi,
T. , pp. 1-4 , PDF (approx. 234.4KB)
2.Determination of As(III) and As(V) by flow
injection-hydride generation-atomic
absorption spectrometry via on-line
reduction of As(V) by KI
Nielsen, S.; Hansen, E.H. , pp. 5-17 ,
PDF (approx. 761.7KB)
3.Flow injection determination of Al and
Al13O4(OH)24(H2O)12 species using a
1.3-s reaction with 8-quinolinol-derivatised
Simpson, S.L.; Powell, K.J.; Nilsson,
N.H.S. , pp. 19-32 , PDF (approx.
4.Flow injection determination of anionic
surfactants based on the solvatochromism
of p-diphenylaminoazobenzene sulfonate
Jingfu, L. , pp. 33-37 , PDF (approx.
5.Determination of dimethylarsinic acid by
hydride generation gas phase molecular
absorption spectrometry
Sanz-Asensio, J.; Perez-Clavijo, M.;
Martinez-Soria, M.T. , pp. 39-47 , PDF
(approx. 527.3KB)
6.Determination of ascorbic acid in a mixture
of ascorbic acid and uric acid at a
chemically modified electrode
Zhiqiang, G.; Kok, S.S.; Ng, A.; Yimin,
Z. , pp. 49-57 , PDF (approx.
7.Amperometric enzyme electrode for the
determination of urine oxalate
Reddy, S.M.; Higson, S.P.; Vadgama,
P.M. , pp. 59-68 , PDF (approx.
8.Electrocatalysis of NADH oxidation with
electropolymerized films of nile blue A
Cai, C.-X.; Xue, K.-H. , pp. 69-77 ,
PDF (approx. 527.3KB)


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