Analytical Communications


Subject: Analytical Communications
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 15:52:18 -0500 (EST)

Analytical Communications

Analytical Communications is a subscription-based electronic version of
the print journal of the same title published by the Royal Society of
Chemistry. Full-text is available to subscribers as PDF files.

Analytical Communications is a refereed analytical communications journal,
enabling the latest progress in research and development from around the
world to be conveyed and discussed as it happens.

This journal signals the advent of a new service to analytical scientists
everywhere, an effective platform from which to announce the very latest
findings and breakthroughs in analytical research. As such it offers
publication times of within ten weeks from receipt.

This new journal offers you currency, immediacy, reliability,
participation and stimulation

Recent Contents:

Simple Sheath Flow Reactor for Post-column Fluorescence Derivatization in
Capillary Electrophoresis, Kurt E. Oldenburg, Xiaoyan Xi, Jonathan V.
Sweedler, The Analyst, 1997, (012), 1581-1585, (ART), Full PDF text.

Determination of Dissolved Reactive Phosphorus in Estuarine Waters Using a
Reversed Flow Injection Manifold , Stefan Auflitsch, Darren M. W. Peat,
Ian D. McKelvie, Paul J. Worsfold, The Analyst, 1997, (012), 1477-1480,
(ART), Full PDF text.

Streamlined Atomic Absorption Procedures for Copper Exploration and Mining
, Maung Maung Latt, T. Denis Rice, J. David Sinniah, The Analyst, 1997,
(011), 1265-1273, (ART), Full PDF text.

Application of Chemometrics to the Identification of Trends in Polynuclear
Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Alkanes in Air Samples From Oporto , Teresa A.
P. Rocha, Armando C. Darte, The Analyst, 1997, (012), 1509-1515, (ART),
Full PDF text.

Enzymic Determination of Peroxides in Non-aqueous Media, Gerardo Piñeiro
Avila, Amparo Salvador, Miguel de la Guardia, The Analyst, 1997, (012),
1543-1547, (ART), Full PDF text.


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