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Our mission is to tell you only what's important. And why. AnchorDesk is
smart, insider analysis of important computer news, delivered directly to
your email box. So you can know what you need to be thinking about today.
Unlike other news services, we tell you only the top stories (and don't
overwhelm you with the rest). We explain how they affect you. And what you
should do right now.

Our job is tell you the unvarnished truth about important technology news.
We're fiercely independent, and we're not out to win popularity contests.
When we catch vendors lying, we say so. If blunt talk offends you, you
won't enjoy AnchorDesk.

How it works

AnchorDesk offers a web site and a short email update. The two work
together. If you're a subscriber, several times a week you'll receive a
short email alerting you to key developments. When you need more
information on any topic, you can find the stories repeated here at the
Web site, along with additional analysis. Plus links to related news
stories, lab results, commentaries, discussion groups, and much more.
Basically, we do the work so you don't have to.

Here's our secret. We're part of ZD Net, the world's largest, most
comprehensive computer site. We can choose from thousands of pages of
advanced technology information. We sift through this data, find the most
relevant pages, and link them together so you can drill down as deeply as
you want. Related products, related companies, related people, events,
topics... it's all here, linked and ready to go when you need it.

Copyright Ziff-David Publishing Company
e-mail: Jesse Berst,

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