Ancient Biomolecules


Ancient Biomolecules

Editor: Terry Brown, Dept. Biochemistry & Applied Molecular
Biology, UMIST, UK

Publication Details:
Volume 4, 2002, 4 issues per year
ISSN: 1358-6122

Ancient Biomolecules encompasses all types of biomolecule
and the methodologies used in their investigation.
Particular emphasis is placed on papers addressing either
or both of two broad topics: factors influencing the
preservation or decay of biomolecules in ancient materials,
and the exploitation of ancient biomolecules in
understanding the biological past.

Ancient Biomolecules particularly welcomes papers
outlining: the discovery of previously undetected
biomolecules in ancient materials, the characterisation of
biomolecular decay products, decay pathways, explanations
of the observed stability of biomolecules unpredicted by in
vitro experiments. Equally welcome are studies on: human
evolution, migration and past social organisation, the
origins and evolution of domesticated animals and plants,
the identification of biomolecular markers for disease
organisms, biomolecules carrying stable isotope signals,
isotope dating studies, chemosystematic, chemotaxonomic and
phylogenetic studies, or the description of ancient

ISSN 1358-6122

Jane Dawson

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Sunday, July 21, 2002
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