Ancient History Bulletin


Ancient History Bulletin
(Link inactive 29 September 2005)
(Link active 29 September 2005)

ISSN 0835-3638

The Ancient History Bulletin was founded by W. Heckel, B. Lavelle,
and J. Vanderspoel; the first issue, vol. 1.1, appeared in 1987.

The Ancient History Bulletin provides a forum for scholarly
discussion in Ancient History and in the ancillary fields of Epigraphy,
Papyrology and Numismatics, from the Near East to Late Antiquity.

The Ancient History Bulletin seeks articles and short notes in the
following languages of publication:

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

More than two-thirds of all articles published since vol. 1 (1987)
are available electronically no notification of new articles
going up is sent out preview of some articles is a regular feature.

Konrad Kinzl
K.H. Kinzl, Co-editor and Electronic Editor, Professor of Ancient
Trent University

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Thursday, October 26, 1995
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