Anglistica: An Interdisciplinary Journal


Anglistica aion: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Anglistica aion is a bi-annual peer-reviewed journal of international

interdisciplinary studies. It explores the politics and poetics of

intercultural communication

and representation in the complex ‘glocal’ formations of the

contemporary world. Providing a space for intellectual dialogue within

and beyond the field of

English studies, literatures and linguistics, it engages with

postcolonial, North American, cultural and gender studies, as well as

issues of race, migrancy

and diaspora. We welcome work on new voices, practices, forms of

creativity and performance, but also revisitings of the past.

Anglistica aion is published mainly in English both to reach a wider,

international readership and to encourage external contributions.

Topics addressed in our special issues include geographies of

knowledge; language, locality and the limits of community; American

poets and politics,

English/englishes; transnational space and universities in transition;

texts in transit (translation, parody, rewriting); the politics of

archiving and the

aesthetics of memory; Shakespeare and hospitality; dislocated bodies

and the American Asian diaspora; English and technology; cinema;


spectrality; music across borders.

P-ISSN: 1125-1077

E-ISSN: 2035-8504

Contact: The Editor, Anglistica aion


Subject: International Interdisciplinary Studies

Date Posted: 16th October, 2012

Updated: 4 September 2013 (title corrected)

Original posting date: 
Tuesday, October 16, 2012
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