Angulo Recto: Revista de Estudios sobre la Ciudad como Espacio Plural


Ángulo Recto: Revista de Estudios sobre la Ciudad como Espacio Plural

Publisher: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

The journal Angulo Recto is edited by the Research Group "The adventure
of travelling and its writings. Travel books in the romance world"
(validated by the Complutense University as UCM group 930423), which is
currently developing the R+D project "Travelling through the city: urban
models in travel books and their aesthetic and literary projection" (HUM

Angulo Recto is a journal of studies about the city, which offers free
and on line, a half-yearly issue, that will be published every year in
May and in December and that will contain one single topic.

The journal contains works treating the topic of the city, seen from
different fields, such as architecture, anthropology, human geogaphy,
history, literature, philosophy, sociology, psychology, sciences of
comunication, fine arts or history of art, in order to provide an image
of the city as a plural, intercomunicative and intercultural space,
considered from an interdisciplinary point of view.

In these studies, the aspects related to Humanities, literature and arts
will prevail; the principles and prospectives of the above-mentioned
research group will be respected.

The contents of Angulo Recto are divided into four sections:

* Calle Mayor (High Street): Theoretical articles related to the Tepic
of the city, analised from an interdisciplinary prospective. A maximum
of six articles will be published in every issue, trying that they treat
the topic of urban space from different fields of study.

* Escaparate (Showcase): Reviews of artistic, scientific and literary
works, related to the urban space.

Plaza publica (Main Square): Varia, short articles, essays on the topic
of the city that will be specialized on one topic.

* Pasaje (Gallery): Literary texts, translations or reissues of old
texts, recovering of difficult finding texts or original works in any
format: text, photography, paintings, music, cinema.

* Almacen (Warehouse): Bibliography, selection of scientific or creation
works on the topic of the city, such as texts, cinema, paintings,
photographs... This section will be open to the readers'contributions.
The bibliography will be divided into creation works and scientific works.

Articles will be accepted in English, Spanish and another languages of
international circulation.

ISSN: 1989-4015


Eugenia Popeanga
Complutense University of Madrid


Ángulo Recto is available free of charge as an Open Access journal on
the Internet.

Content available online.

Current Issue: Volume 1 No. 2 2009

Date: 27 January 2010

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010
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