Animal Biology


Animal Biology

Publisher: Kluwer

Animal Biology is formally a continuation of the Netherlands Journal of
Zoology, the official journal of the Royal Dutch Zoological Society since
its foundation (1872), (until 1952 known as Archives Neerlandaises du
Zoologie). As such, it can boast a rich tradition.

However, the Board of the Society felt that modern zoological research
required a new, international approach for the journal. The Society
appointed a new Executive Editor and installed a new international editorial
board, consisting of leading scientists in zoology. The new editorial team
will consider manuscript submission from all quarters of zoology, inluding
ecology, behaviour, evolution, morphology, neurobiology, developmental
biology, physiology, cognition, endocrinology, systematics, genomics and
theoretical biology.

ISSN 1570-7555


Mees Muller
Experimental Zoology
Wageningen University
The Netherlands

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Current Issue: July 1 2004, Volume 54, Issue 2

Date: 16 Sept. 2004

Original posting date: 
Thursday, September 16, 2004
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