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Subject: Animal Conservation
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Animal Conservation
(Link inactive 23 January 2006)
(Link active 23 January 2006)

This journal brings together exciting new research into the factors which
influence the conservation of animal species and their habitats. Subjects
covered by the journal include ecology, behavioural ecology and wildlife
biology; wildlife disease and epidemiology; evolutionary ecology and
genetics; population biology; systematic biology and phylogenetics;
biodiversity and biogeography; management (including translocation and
sustainable use). Animal Conservation provides a unique and important forum
for rapid publication of novel, peer reviewed scientific studies, and is
essential reading not only for conservation biologists working in a range of
related fields, but also for professionals working in governmental and
non-governmental bodies, policy-makers and students.

Abstracts are available in HTML format. Full-text articles can be

Editor(s): Michael W. Bruford, Cardiff University, UK
John L. Gittleman, University of Virginia, USA
Georgina M. Mace, Institute of Zoology, London, UK
Robert K. Wayne, University of California, USA


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Monday, October 22, 2001
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