Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence


Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence

Publisher: Kluwer

The scope of Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence is intended
to represent a wide range of topics of concern to scholars applying
quantitative, combinatorial, logical, algebraic and algorithmic methods to
Artificial Intelligence areas as diverse as decision support, automated
deduction, reasoning, knowledge-based systems, machine learning, computer
vision, robotics and planning.

The journal is aimed at: applied logicians, algorithms and complexity
researchers, Artificial Intelligence theorists and applications specialists
using mathematical methods.

It is hoped to influence the spawning of new areas of applied mathematics
and the strengthening of the scientific underpinnings of Artificial

Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence consists of collections of
papers appearing either in volumes (400 pages) or in separate issues
(100-300 pages). These collections of papers will focus on one topic and
will feature one or more guest editors.

Potential guest editors are invited to submit their proposal to the
Editor-in-Chief. Please note that collections on topics within intelligent
systems that show a strong foundational component are strongly encouraged.
All information regarding the contents of Annals of Mathematics and
Artificial Intelligence should be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief.

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Current Issue: December 2004, Volume 42, Issue 4

Date: 10 Sept. 2004

Original posting date: 
Friday, September 10, 2004
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