Anthropology and Humanism (AH)


Anthropology and Humanism (AH)

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Publisher: American Anthropological Association on behalf of the Society for
Humanistic Anthropology

Anthropology and Humanism (AH) concerns that central question of the
discipline: what it is to be human. AH welcomes contributions from all major
fields of anthropology and from scholars in other social science
disciplines, as well as the humanities.

It seeks to bring out the intricate and contradictory processes of life in
other cultures--including those of anthropologists. Whether working with
life histories or demographics, poetics or nutrition, artistic expression or
scientific writing, this journal strives to maintain a focus on the human
actors themselves.

Among the types of submissions AH especially values are (1) those that
explore the relationship between humanistic anthropology and other
anthropological currents; (2) those that bring to the fore trends in the
humanities that may further humanistic anthropology; and (3) those that
bring out the intricate and contradictory processes of life in other
cultures - also including those of the anthropologist. In the treatment of
the above themes, AH particularly solicits essays, fiction, poems, graphics,
and photographs.

Print ISSN: 1559-9167
Online ISSN: 1548-1409


George Mentore
Anthropology and Humanism
Department of Anthropology
University of Virginia

Tel: 434-924-7038.

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Current Issue: Volume 33 Issue 1-2 (December 2008)

Date: 22 April 2009

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009
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