Anthropology of Consciousness (AOC)


Anthropology of Consciousness (AOC)

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Publisher: American Anthropological Association on behalf of the Society for
the Anthropology of Consciousness

A publication of the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness,
Anthropology of Consciousness (AOC) publishes articles from
multidisciplinary perspectives that focus on the study of consciousness
and/or its practical application to contemporary issues.

The journal supports rigorous and empirically-based inquiries into
consciousness that utilize diverse methodologies, including ethnographic,
scientific, experiential, historical, and alternative ways of knowing.

Anthropology of Consciousness publishes semiannually and consists of
peer-reviewed full length articles and book reviews, as well as letters to
the editor. The journal publishes research on a wide spectrum of topics -
altered states of consciousness, religion, possession, trance, dissociative
states, shamanistic, mediumistic and mystical traditions, indigenous healing
practices, linguistic, philosophical, social and symbolic studies, and
cultural psychology.

AOC values interdisciplinary perspectives, respects diverse traditions, and
prioritizes inclusiveness and open dialogue in the study of consciousness.
AOC welcomes submissions that reflect on how consciousness and human
transformation can be made relevant to the challenges of our age, with the
aim of a praxis to catalyze a shift toward a more just world.

Print ISSN: 1053-4202
Online ISSN: 1556-3537

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Managing Editor:

Bonnie Glass-Coffin
Utah State University


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Current Issue: Volume 19 Issue 2 (Fall 2008)

Date: 29 September 2008

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Monday, September 29, 2008
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