Anthropology & Education Quarterly (AEQ)


Anthropology & Education Quarterly (AEQ)

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Publisher: American Anthropological Association on behalf of the Council on
Anthropology and Education

Anthropology & Education Quarterly (AEQ) is a peer-reviewed journal that
publishes scholarship on schooling in social and cultural context and on
human learning both inside and outside of schools.

Articles rely primarily on ethnographic research to address immediate
problems of practice as well as broad theoretical questions. AEQ also
publishes on the teaching of anthropology.

Print ISSN: 0161-7761
Online ISSN: 1548-1492

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Douglas E. Foley, Joel Dworin, Kevin M. Foster, Luis Urrieta, and Sofia


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Current Issue: Volume 39 Issue 2 (June 2008)

Date: 19 September 2008

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Friday, September 19, 2008
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