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Antiquarian Book Herald

A digital periodical devoted to the world of Antiquarian Books: Articles,
Fairs, Auctions, New Catalogues, Reviews, Notes & Queries, Addresses,
Periodicals, etc. Edited by David Meesters. [Caution: last recorded
update appears to be 16 February 1996]

Please email your comments, contributions, inqueries or news to the editor

Visit our other home page at The Antiquarian Book Network and have a look
at the Bookshelfs or Viewing Room of a number of book- and print dealers.


Auctions in 1996
Auction Results. Auctioneers please submit your data!
New Catalogues
Notes and Queries
Book Review
Usefull books related to Antiquarian Books
Periodicals on Antiquarian Books
Directory of Booksellers
Electronic Catalogues
Libraries & Musea
Other web-pages of interest to the Antiquarian Book World
Find your way on the web by using Search Engines and Yellow Pages

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