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Antiviral Agents Bulletin Home Page

The Antiviral Agents Bulletin is the only periodical specializing
in antiviral drug and vaccine development and related activities
worldwide. The Bulletin covers all antiviral therapeutics, but the
largest portion of news articles, patents, etc., concern HIV-infection and
AIDS-related therapeutics.

Articles in the Antiviral Agents Bulletin describe and assess
commercial and scientific developments, federal and regulatory activities,
information resources, treatment advances and trends, patents and
technology transfers. Abstracts of all antiviral and virus-related U.S.
patents, announcements of international patent disclosures and abstracts
of recent journal articles are also included. An annual review issue
describes the year's major developments and indexes articles by agent,
virus/disease and organization. U.S. patents are indexed in another issue.
Monthly issues are usually 32 pages in length.

On-line Table of Contents has following departments:

News Sections
U.S. Patents
International Patents
Literature Abstracts

Hard copy subscriptions are $350 for 12 monthly issues. ($410 for
non-North American subscribers, issues sent by air mail). On-line journal
features full text from past issues.


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