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Date: Wed, 8 May 1996 23:42:18 -0400 (EDT)

Apotheke Online


The Internet has now even reached Pharmacy. With APOTHEKE Online you have
the first German-language health magazine on the Internet before you.

This medium will contribute to helping people of today understand subjects
have to to do with health using the many possibilities of the Internet.
For example, a current topic is "self-medicating" -- most people need
advice when it has to do with medical subjects, and the Lawgiver says "For
risks and side- effects, ask your doctor or pharmacist!"

Since the Internet was and is so far mainly for Universities, there are
scientific sources of information here along with the newest research
results direct and online. But the language of science is often difficult
for "normal" people. Here's where APOTHEKE online can help and be an
intermediary, making new and difficult topics understandable. Research
and the pharmaceutical industry haben in the past decades made remarkable
progress. Druggists today have tens of thousands of specifics for medical
use. The array is often confusing for patients in many ways, often hard
to grasp, and changes constantly. APOTHEKE online wants to help make it
clearer what the pharmaceutical industry can do.

Since we are entering strange new territory with this magazine, we are
grateful for every comment, criticism, and suggestion of every kind.

Your druggist, Harro Kunz

Copyright i.p.a. Verlag GmbH 1996

(Contents: full text of general interest articles on personal health
care: using a compartmented pillbox to manage doses of regular
medication, for example, or a general article on arthritis.)

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Thursday, May 9, 1996
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