Applied and Preventive Psychology


Applied and Preventive Psychology

Publisher: Elsevier

Applied & Preventive Psychology: Current Scientific Perspectives publishes
empirically-based theoretically-focused reviews of laboratory, survey,
epidemiological, and public health research on the treatment and prevention
of psychological problems. Although data are the foundation of APP
articles, theoretical elaborations of data are especially encouraged and
afforded additional space.

APP's scope is broad and interdisciplinary, encompassing prevention,
intervention, and assessment as well as training, methodology, and
philosophy of science. Beyond its core audiences in clinical and counseling
psychology and psychiatry, APP also seeks clinical extensions of basic
cognitive, biological, developmental, family, personality, and social

Applied & Preventive Psychology: Current Scientific Perspectives is
proactively edited by the Editorial Council which, in consultation with the
Associate Editors, selects the most pertinent topics to be covered and
invites especially qualified authors to contribute. Although solicited, all
contributions are peer reviewed and subject to editing. Suggestions for
topics, authors, and/or reviewers are welcome and should be submitted to the
Editorial Office. APP is a quarterly publication.

ISSN: 0962-1849


D. A. Smith
University of Notre Dame, IN


Content available by subscription. Sample issue available online.

Abstracts available online. Full-text available in HTML and PDF.

Current Issue: Volume 11, Issue 2 (December 2004)

Date: 8 August 2005

Original posting date: 
Monday, August 8, 2005
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