Applied Catalysis A: General


Subject: Applied Catalysis A: General
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 10:43:42 -0500 (EST)

Applied Catalysis A: General
(Link inactive 15 October 2004)
(Link active 15 October 2004)


Scientific understanding of any catalytic phenomena. Phenomena of
relevance to current industrial processes, processes under industrial
development or of interest for future commercial applications are
particularly welcome. Both heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis are

Scientific aspects of preparation, activation, aging, deactivation,
rejuvenation, regeneration and start-up transient effects of commercially
interesting or representative model catalysts.

Scientific methods of characterization of catalysts, especially if they
are applicable to industrial catalysts.

Chemical engineering aspects relevant to an improved understanding of
catalytic phenomena or application to catalysis. Results involving a joint
approach by chemical engineering and catalytic science are particularly

New catalytic reactions, catalytic routes and processes of potential
practical interest.

The journal will accept original letters, research papers and reviews. A
News Brief section contains information on new scientific facts related to
the application of catalysis (new reactions, catalysts, processes, etc.).
It also contains reports on technical perspective of historic developments
in catalysis, book reviews and calendar of forthcoming events Applied
Catalysis B: Environmental will publish papers covering all aspects of
environmental catalysis. Since the scope of Elsevier journals of Applied
Catalysis A and B and Journal of Molecular Catalysis are complementary, an
appropriate choice for submission to any journal could be borderline, in
which case the advice of the editors should be sought.

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Surface, Organic and Polymer Chemists; Petroleum
Engineers, Chemical Engineers.

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