Applied Clay Science


Subject: Applied Clay Science
Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 22:19:39 -0400 (EDT)

Applied Clay Science
(Link inactive 18 October 2004)
(Link active 18 October 2004)

ISSN: 0169-1317

Applied Clay Science is an international publication medium for research
papers, reviews, and resource and technical notes in the field of applied
clay science and technology in a broad sense.

The journal covers items such as:
- Clay characterisation related to optimum industrial utilisation
- Clay product preparation, including such topics as mineral extraction,
mineral processing and modification of clay properties
- Chemical, mineralogical, geochemical and physical properties and
behaviour of clay minerals related to applications in the industrial
production of: ceramics, construction materials, refractories, fillers and
carriers (paper, paint, rubber, plastics, insecticides, animal food)
- The role of clays and clay minerals as process aids: catalytic uses,
adsorptive applications, filtering and refining media, slurry uses
(drilling muds, etc.), bounding and pelletising applications, foundry
- Influence of clay composition and fabric on permeability and reservoir
- Geotechnical applications of clays and clay minerals
- Agricultural application such as the influence of clays on soil
structure, fertility and water requirements
- Environmental applications of clay science such as radioactive waste
disposal, and water engineering
- Justifications of quality requirements of clays and clay minerals.

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