Applied Ergonomics


Subject: Applied Ergonomics
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 10:46:23 -0500 (EST)

Applied Ergonomics
(Link inactive 18 October 2004)
(Link active 18 October 2004)


Applied Ergonomics is aimed at ergonomists and all those interested in
applying ergonomics/human factors in the design, planning and management
of technical and social systems at work or leisure. Readership is truly
international with subscribers in over 50 countries. Professionals for
whom Applied Ergonomics is of interest include: ergonomists, designers,
industrial engineers, health and safety specialists, systems engineers,
design engineers, organizational psychologists, occupational health
specialists and human-computer interaction specialists.

Applied Ergonomics welcomes original contributions on the practical
applications of ergonomic design and research. Areas covered include
applications in the office, industry, consumer products, information
technology and military design.

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Text available as both PDF and Postscript 2 files.

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Designers, engineers, psychologists, ergonomists.

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