Applied Soil Ecology


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Subject: Applied Soil Ecology
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Applied Soil Ecology

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Applied Soil Ecology addresses the role of soil
organisms and their interactions in relation to:
agricultural productivity, nutrient cycling and other
soil processes, the maintenance of soil structure and
fertility, the impact of human activities and
xenobiotics on soil ecosystems and bio(techno)logical
control of soil-inhabiting pests, diseases and weeds.
Such issues are the basis of sustainable agricultural
and forestry systems and the long-term conservation of
soils in both the temperate and tropical regions.

The disciplines covered include the following, and
preference will be given to articles which are
interdisciplinary and integrate two or more of these
- soil microbiology and microbial ecology
- soil invertebrate zoology and ecology
- root and rhizosphere ecology
- soil science
- soil biotechnology
- ecotoxicology
- nematology
- entomology
- plant pathology
- agronomy and sustainable agriculture
- nutrient cycling
- ecosystem modelling and food webs

The journal publishes original papers, review articles,
short communications, viewpoints, letters to the editor,
editorials, book reviews and announcements.

Researchers in Soil Science, Agronomy, Crop Science,
Ecology, Forestry, Entomology.

Access to the full text of this journal is temporarily
free. In the course of the next few months, access will
be limited to users that are affiliated to a library
that subscribes to the print edition of the journal.

Editor: C.A. Edwards

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