Applied Solar Energy


Applied Solar Energy

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Applied Solar Energy, the official journal of the Uzbekistan Academy of
Sciences, is dedicated to solar energy science and technology. Published in
English since 1965, the journal has featured a number of seminal articles in
the field.

Today, the journal continues to publish articles on topics ranging from
solar radiation, photovoltaics, and solar materials to direct conversion of
solar energy into electrical energy. In addition, readers will find
important articles exploring other renewable energy sources.

This journal places a strong emphasis on applications such as solar devices
for home and industrial uses, solar heating and cooling systems, solar power
systems and units, and agricultural uses of solar energy.

Print ISSN: 0003-701X
Online ISSN: 1934-9424


Moukhtar S. Saidov
Academician of the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences, Prof., Dr. Sci.

Physical Technical Institute,
2B, G. Mavlyanov St., Tashkent, 100084, Uzbekistan,

Tel: (+998-71) 133-12-71, 135-42-42

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Current Issue: Volume 43, Number 3 / September 2007

Date: 27 May 2008

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
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