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Applied Thermal Engineering
(Link inactive 18 October 2004)
(Link active 18 October 2004)

Applied Thermal Engineering publishes original, high-
quality research papers and ancillary features, spanning
activities ranging from fundamental research to trouble-
shooting in existing plant and equipment.

System design covers energy use both in buildings,
including passive thermal design techniques, and in the
process industries. For the latter, the design problems
associated with the integration of components into
overall plant are also covered.

The journal will feature aspects of the thermal
engineering of advanced processes, including process
integration, intensification and development, together
with the application of thermal equipment in
conventional process plant, which includes its use for
heat recovery.

A wide range of equipment will be relevant to Applied
Thermal Engineering, such as heat exchangers (compact
and advanced designs), heat pumps and refrigeration
plant, heat pipes, combined heat and power and advanced
cycles, heat transfer enhancement as applied to the
above, and other unit operations involving thermal
engineering procedures.

Economics plays a necessary role in the assessment of
many thermal engineering projects. Submissions devoted
to or considering the financial implications of
equipment designs are welcome. Information on the
different economic criteria applying in particular
regions of the world is also relevant here.

Additional regular features include:
- review articles on important or developing technologies
- special issues devoted to significant international
- conferences or seminars
- book reviews
- calendar of forthcoming events
- patent surveys
- policy and legislation reports

Applied Thermal Engineering provides essential reference
material and critical design feedback, with emphasis on
thermal technologies as applied in the built environment
and the process industries. All submissions will be
subject to peer review from leading experts in the

For academic and industrial researchers in applied heat
transfer; practising engineers in industry (especially
users of thermal or similar plant in the process
industries); manufacturers of equipment for the process

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