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Aquacultural Engineering

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Aquacultural Engineering is concerned with the design
and development of effective aquacultural systems for
marine and freshwater facilities. The journal aims to
apply the knowledge gained from basic research which
potentially can be translated into commercial operations.

Problems of scale-up and application of research data
involve many parameters, both physical and biological,
making it difficult to anticipate the interaction
between the unit processes and the cultured animals.

Aquacultural Engineering aims to develop this
bioengineering interface for aquaculture and welcomes
contributions in the following areas:
- engineering and design of aquaculture facilities
- engineering-based research studies
- construction experience and techniques
- in-service experience, commissioning, operation
- materials selection and their uses
- quantification of biological data and constraints

Style of presentation is flexible, but those papers
dealing with specific problems should attempt to define
them clearly in terms of systems engineering,
quantifying the constraints, proposing solutions,
implementing and detailing the design, and finally
evaluating the outcome.

Marine and freshwater biologists, engineers, economists
and all concerned with the operation of aquacultural

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