Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management


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Subject: Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 23:25:36 -0400

Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management

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The major objective of this journal is to promote understanding of the
structure, function and performance of healthy and damaged aquatic
ecosystems (freshwater, marine, estuarine) from integrated,
multi-disciplinary and sustainable perspectives. This journal focuses on the
development and application of management practices that will protect,
maintain, remediate or restore the health of these ecosystems and their
sustainable use by humans. This journal recognizes the need to explore the
complex interactions between human society, ecology, economy/development,
politics and the environment. It also encourages a watershed approach which
is influenced by atmospheric and terrestrial processes, both natural and
anthropogenic. The journal provides a forum for the assessment and
discussion of ecosystemic, integrated approaches to aquatic ecosystem
research and management, including concepts and approaches that address
health, integrity, performance, efficiency, remediation, natural recovery,
restoration, conservation and sustainable human use. This journal seeks to
foster international and cross-sectoral exchange of information among
scientists, academics, managers, engineers, lawyers, citizens, politicians,
business, industry and governments on the health and sustainability of
global aquatic resources.

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