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Subject: Aquatic Sciences
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 14:34:25 -0500 (EST)

Aquatic Sciences

ISSN: 1015-1621 (Printed edition)
ISSN: 1420-9055 (Electronic edition)

A Multidisciplinary Journal for Theoretical and Applied Limnology,
Fisheries Science and Water Technology Published by Birkhäuser Verlag AG
and the Swiss Academy of Sciences. Full-text is available as downloadable
PDF files.

AS covers the fields of theoretical and applied water research and
fisheries sciences, including such topics as water chemistry and physics,
ecology, freshwater biology, geochemistry, hydrogeology, ichthyology,
limnology, mathematical modelling, oceanography and sedimentology.

Original contributions of general and regional interest are published with
the aim to provide an international forum for the integration of aquatic
research, to create a European platform for its dissemination, and to
promote the multidisciplinary aspects of water science.

Abstracted/lndexed in:

Biological Abstracts, BIOSIS, C.A.B. International, Cambridge Scientific
Abstracts, CABS Current Awarness in Biological Sciences, Chemical
Abstracts, Current Contents, GEO Abstracts, GeoRef Information System,
Selected Water Resources Abstracts, Water Pollution Abstracts (= W.R.C.

Recent Contents:

Contents Volume 59 Number 2 (1997)

Frank Peeters, Gabriel Piepke, Manuel Gloor
A diffusion model for the development of a boundary layer in lakes
Aquat. Sci. 59: pp 95-114

Craig L. Stevens, Gregory A. Lawrence
Estimation of wind-forced internal seiche amplitudes in lakes and
reservoirs, with data from British Columbia, Canada
Aquat. Sci. 59: pp 115-134

Willi Bleiker, Ferdinand Schanz
Light climate as the key factor controlling the spring dynamics of
phytoplankton in Lake Zürich
Aquat. Sci. 59: pp 135-157

David R. Barton, Bradley Anholt
The macrobenthos of Lake Ontario during 1964 to 1966, and
subsequent changes in the deepwater community
Aquat. Sci. 59: pp 158-175

HanBin Xue, René Gächter, Laura Sigg
Comparison of Cu and Zn cycling in eutrophic lakes with oxic and
anoxic hypolimnion
Aquat. Sci. 59: pp 176-189

Forthcoming meetings
Aquat. Sci. 59: pp 190-191


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