Aramaic Studies


Aramaic Studies

Publisher: SAGE Publications

Aramaic Studies continues the Journal for the Aramaic Bible which has
appeared since 1999. The Journal now benefits from a more inclusive
scope, to include all aspects of Aramaic language and literature, even
when not, or only indirectly, related to Biblical texts.

Bringing all aspects of Aramaic language and literature together is also
intended to help shape the field of Aramaic studies more clearly. The
Journal will continue publishing studies on the Peshitta, the Targums,
and other Aramaic Bible versions, but will also include other articles
on the language and literature of the various phases and dialects of
Aramaic, ranging from Old and Achaemenid Aramaic up to Neo-Aramaic.

It seeks contributions of a linguistic, literary, exegetical or
theological nature for any of the dialects and periods involved, from
detailed grammatical work to narrative analysis, from short notes to
fundamental research. Reviews, seminars, conference proceedings, and
bibliographical surveys will also be featured.

All contributions submitted to AS will be subjected to peer review.
While almost every script of the relevant languages can be printed,
Aramaic Studies encourages its authors to provide modern translations of
quotations in any of these languages for the benefit of a wide
readership, including biblical exegetes and historians whose field of
expertise is not Aramaic.

The Bibliography of the Aramaic Bible, sustained by the Semitic
Institute at Kampen and the Peshitta Institute at Leiden, will continue
to be published in AS. The Bibliographic Editor, Jan-Wim Wesselius,
compiles the various contributions.

Please send relevant bibliographical material to and
if possible also an offprint to the Semitic Institute, Kampen
Theological University, POB 5021, 8260 GA Kampen, The Netherlands.

ISSN: 1477-8351


Willem F Smelik
University College London, UK

Bas ter Haar Romeny
Leiden University, Netherlands

Jan-Wim Wesselius
Theological University of Reformed Churches Nl

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Current Issue: January 1 2005, Volume 3, No. 1

Date: 18 March 2005

Original posting date: 
Friday, March 18, 2005
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