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Subject: Archival Science
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 22:59:01 -0400

Archival Science

Archival Science aims at promoting the development of archival science as an
autonomous scientific discipline, targeting primarily on researchers and
educators in archival science, and secondarily on everyone else who is
professionally interested in recorded information.

The scope of the journal is the whole field of recorded process-related
information, analysed in terms of form, structure and context.

The journal's approach is integrated, interdisciplinary and intercultural:
- it covers the whole records continuum;
- it associates with the scientific disciplines dealing with (1) the
function of records and the way they are created, preserved and retrieved,
(2) the context in which information is generated, managed and used and (3)
the social and cultural environment of records creation in different times
and places;
- it acknowledges the impact of different cultures on archival theory,
methodology and practice, by taking into account different traditions in
various parts of the world, and by promoting the exchange and comparison of
concepts, views and attitudes in those traditions.

Subscribers have access to full-text articles.

Editor-in-Chief: Peter Horsman

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Saturday, October 27, 2001
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