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Archives of Pharmacal Research

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Publisher: Pharmaceutical Society of Korea

Archives of Pharmacal Research is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to
the publication of original scientific research papers that aim to develop
new drugs in the fields of medicinal chemistry, natural products,
pharmacology, toxicology, pharmaceutics, microbiology, and basic biomedical
sciences. The journal specifically aims to enhance scientific understanding
in the fields.

Thus, technical reports that document pharmacological and toxicological
observations will not be generally accepted in the journal. Manuscripts will
be considered for publication on the condition that the results reported are
based on original research that has not been published elsewhere in any
journal. Upon acceptance for publication of an article in Archives of
Pharmacal Research, the author tacitly agrees to make available any
materials used in the published experiments, or novel or natural products
disclosed in the article that are not commercially available, so that other
researchers may confirm the observations.

In addition, natural product contribution must meet the following specific
criteria: a) any natural extract must be defined, and appropriate
information provided regarding the origin; and b) the author must be able to
state that the material under study is endotoxin free.

Please note that studies with crude extract and on chemical structures will
not be accepted.

ISSN: 0253-6269 (print version)
ISSN: 1976-3786 (electronic version)

Manuscript submission via online system.


Dr. Eun-Seok Park
SungKyunKwan U.


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Current Issue: Volume 31, Number 11 / November 2008

Date: 24 November 2008

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Monday, November 24, 2008
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